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Terms of Service

To read my Terms of Service for any non-physical offers, see below.

For my Terms of Service for physical items sold in the shop, click here.

Terms of Service

Last updated: October 10, 2022

The website Wild Moon Lilith and any services offered therein are offered by Saga N. L. Bond (in this document referred to as I/Me/My) as the sole provider. The Customer (in this document referred to as You) agree to these Terms of Service whenever You pay for a service or product. If you have any questions regarding these Terms of Service, please feel free to reach out to me at:

Wild Moon Lilith is a registered business in the format of "sole proprietor". Wild Moon Lilith is registered in Sweden, with organization number: 860925-7145. I am approved for F-tax.

These Terms of Service apply to non-physical services, such as readings, spells and Reiki. For Terms of Service for my physical goods (such as crystals, spell bottles, etc) ordered through my store please instead refer to Store Terms of Service & Policy.

Interpretation and Definitions
The words of which the initial letter is capitalized have meanings defined under the following conditions. The following definitions shall have the same meaning regardless of whether they appear in singular or in plural.

For the purposes of this Terms of Service:
Company (referred to as either "the Company", "I/Me", or "My"; in this Agreement) refers to Wild Moon Lilith, registered business as sole proprietorship to Saga Nadia Lilith Bond, Sweden.

Service refer to the non-physical offerings wherein I perform a service to You. These Services are done as an act by me, and will have a digital confirmation, summary or description sent out after the performed Service.

Orders mean a request by You to purchase a Service from Me, in these terms solely referring to non-physical Services. For terms for physical goods, please refer to Store Terms of Service & Policy


Website refers to Wild Moon Lilith, accessible from

You means the individual accessing or using the Service, or the company, or other legal entity on behalf of which such individual is accessing or using the Service, as applicable.


Payments are issued through an invoice sent to Your email-address after communication through either email or social media unless your order is placed through the store.

The invoice itself can be cancelled up until the point of payment, thus cancelling your Order of the Service. Should an invoice not be paid, the entire Order and booked Service will be annulled.

I operate on a “payment first, service after” policy. This means that I will not perform any Services until I have received your payment. As such, I also do not offer refunds or repayments once a Service has been partially or fully carried out. You are paying for the Service and time associated to said Service. As such, if you receive a reading, spell, or Service you otherwise feel unhappy with, I do not offer a refund as the service itself (e.g. reading, spell, Reiki) has been carried out as per our agreement and delivered. The Service Order thus is completed, and cannot be refunded as you cannot retract the work, time and performance of a Service already provided.


I reserve the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time, however the most recent version will always be available online and can be given upon request. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their addition to these Terms of Service.


By booking and subsequently paying for any Service, you agree to the Terms of Service contained within this document and text.


For information on Privacy, please visit this website: Privacy Policy.



The Service

I offer transparent and honest readings that are based solely on the cards’ guidance as well as other tools and intuitive impressions given to Me. I will not use any methods such as “foul play” to obtain information about You; I will not research You nor otherwise give a so called “cold reading”. 

I offer clarifications on the content of a reading for free for up to 24 hours after the reading is delivered, for anything that is unclear within the reading itself. However, I do not offer any answers to follow-up questions that would require Me to perform a secondary reading; with others words, if You ask questions after a reading that were not originally included in Your Order I reserve the right to deny these requests unless another Order is placed. Each Order only covers the original reading, unless otherwise specified.

Refund Rights

I do not offer any returns or refunds for readings that have already been carried out or otherwise initiated. You may receive a message that You do not expect or enjoy from a reading, as I will be frank and give the message of the cards, whether positive or negative. As such, I do not offer refunds if You feel dissatisfied with Your reading for any reason. When You Order one of my Services, You acknowledge and Agree that You pay for the Service rendered, not to receive an expected or desires message or result.


Delivery Time

Readings are carried out by Me within a set time after payment has been received. You will be given the timeline for the completion of the reading when booking the reading itself.

I reserve the right to change this deadline under certain circumstance which would hinder Me from completing the reading within stated time. However, in such cases, You will be notified of this delay, unless something has prevented Me from reaching out to inform You of this delay. I cannot be responsible for any outside circumstance of events that may prevent Me from carrying out a reading within the agreed upon time.

Should the reading take longer than a week (7 days) from initial payment, without any notification of delay from Me to You, I will offer a full or partial refund depending on the circumstances and whether or not I could perform the reading at all.



By paying for a reading You acknowledge that readings work as a guidance and for entertainment purposes. You are always ultimately responsible for any choices, actions or consequences carried out by You after the reading. Upon booking a reading, You agree that You understand that readings can be positive or negative, and should You be upset or feel negatively affected by a reading, it is ultimately Your choice and responsibility.

If You have any concern for Your health, financial security or well-being in any other shape or form, seek out professional help. In paying for a service, You acknowledge and agree that it is Your sole responsibility to seek out a professional or otherwise handle Your situation if there are any serious concerns that may affect You or those around You; I cannot be held responsible for what You choose to do with the received reading, nor any following consequences or results.

When paying for a reading, You agree and acknowledge that You understand that a reading is not set in stone, and agree to take full responsibility of any consequences, actions or outcome of the reading.

When paying for a reading, You agree and understand that readings will sometimes give You information You might not consider beneficial or wanted; a reading is therefore booked by You in Your own discretion with full responsibility on Your own behalf.

Further, when booking and paying for a reading, You agree to only submit information that is truthful about Yourself and in no way seek to lie, alter the facts or otherwise mislead Me to get a reading for a third-party person. Readings will only be given to You, as You give Your consent for this – I do not perform third-party readings! Should You lie and give false information that somehow leads to Me performing a reading on a non-consenting party, You take full responsibility for this when using My Services. The only exception for non-consenting or third-party readings are for the dearly departed.





The Service

I will carry out the spell as described in communication between You and Me. I reserve the right to not disclose the full details of how I perform the spells as they are highly personal and linked to My personal practice of witchcraft, spirituality and religion; You will, however, receive pictures, if applicable, as well as general information about the spell such as its purpose and whether or not it felt successful.

You can rest assured that the spell will be performed, as I take this work seriously and put a lot of pride into it – it is tied to My personal religious and spiritual worldview. Performing the spell is a matter of ethics for Me.

I will offer after-care information after the spell is performed, wherein the above-mentioned information and/or pictures will be included (if applicable), as well as to confirm the spell has been cast. There will also be possible advice that might help you keep up the energies after the spell is performed.


I will carry out the spell within the allotted time, as agreed upon in communications between You and Me. If there are any delays to the spell, You will be notified and given the offer to continue with the Service, or to cancel and receive a refund.

Refund Rights

Spells are metaphysical things, so You may not always notice the spell being performed. I do not offer any refunds for a spell that has been completed or otherwise initiated. You pay for the Service given, so once the spell has been performed the Service has been concluded and delivered alongside the after-care document, and thus will not be refunded even if You feel dissatisfied with the spell for any reason. This is because You pay for the Service, and time, energy, work and Service cannot be undone once completed.



By paying, You acknowledge that spells are a metaphysical service that may or may not have actual physical manifestation. Due to their metaphysical nature, You acknowledge and agree that spells offered as a Service do not guarantee results but are for entertainment purposes only. 

Spells are intended for the highest good of all involved and are not to be used lightly. By paying, You further agree that you ultimately are responsible and accountable for Your life and actions and not rely solely on a spell to work for You, and that I am in no way liable for any actions, consequences or outcomes of the spell. It is meant to help You in Your life’s journey, but You are still ultimately responsible for Yourself.

By booking and paying for this service, You thus agree to be solely responsible for Your own life, and any outcome, consequences or other events that may occur after the spell. I cannot be held responsible for any consequence, result or event during or after the Service is performed, nor lack of such.

When booking and paying for a service, You also agree to only submit information that is truthful about Yourself and in no way seek to lie, alter the facts or otherwise mislead Me in order to have a spell cast for any reasons other that stated on the website and agreed upon over communications between You and Me. You further agree that You are the initiator of the spell, and acknowledge that the following actions, consequences or events that may be possible outcomes of the spell are fully requested by You and thus the full responsibility lies in Your own hands.



If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Saga N. L. Bond at: or through any social media platform connected to Wild Moon Lilith and its services.