About Wild Moon Lilith

Wild Moon Lilith started as a passion project, intended to put some of my own personal spirituality and magic out there!

Wild Moon Lilith got its name based on the three concepts that are very important and central to me. Wild represents my connection and reverence for nature. Moon represents intuition, magic, and the night to me. Lilith is not only a part of my actual legal name, but who hasn't heard of Lilith's story of empowerment and independence?

This website was launched in 2020 - the year of change and introspection for many of us - and became an official business in early 2021.


Wild Moon Lilith is, thus, the name and 'banner' under which I (Saga) provide paid services such as divination and spells, physical products such as handmade crystal pendants, and free content on my social media platforms (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc - you know the lot!). 

I am the sole proprietor, and what you see is what you get. I hand-select all materials I use, handcraft all the unique items, spend a lot of time, energy, and love into everything I create and put out there. In supporting Wild Moon Lilith, you thus support me - Saga - a small business owner in Northern Sweden... and you can trust that I not only will send you something I am proud of (be it a 9-page reading or a lovingly selected and crafted pendant), but will do a very happy dance of appreciation at every order and booking!

If you want to know who you are supporting in more detail, feel free to read a bit more about me by clicking here, or by following me on social media!

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Love, Saga