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Runes & Sigils

Runes are an alphabet of old, but more than that, they are also powerful symbols not only used for divination, but also for magic. I now offer my work with the runes to the public - this has previously been a very personal practice for me, but I feel called to share it now. I work with the Elder Futhark for these services.

All my rune services are usually done within 7 days after payment, depending on various factors.

You can book and pay directly through my shop, or by contacting me!

For these services, make sure you check out my policies and contact me before booking it in, just to make sure I can meet your demand without crossing any boundaries ♡

★ Ancient Symbols of Power ★

Still unsure?

Contact me for assistance in designing something that suits you.

Thank you! I will get back to you ASAP!

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