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Drumming Circle

Wild Moon Lilith plans to host a free drumming circle once a month. To secure your own spot and stay up to date on coming events, please register below.

Overview of a Beach

A drumming circle is a group of individuals who meet at a regular basis to connect, drum, and journey together.

In the future drumming circles of Wild Moon Lilith, you'll be invited to participate once a month (in connection to the lunar cycle or seasonal events) to tune in and listen to drumming and receive a live guided journey. These guided journeys are shamanic in nature, so they are not merely meditations but are intended to bring you to a liminal state and allow you to explore your inner or the spiritual outer world, depending on your own level of experience and comfort.


If you are not experienced with journeying, you are still welcome to participate but please mention this in the form below. This is so I can pay extra attention and facilitate journeys that are suitable for all participants. 

After the journey we will open up for community sharing, but silence is welcome. This means that you only have to be as social as you feel comfortable being!

No camera or microphone required! Meetings will occur over Zoom.

Sign Up!

Please complete the form to notify me of your interest.

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