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Colorful Diamond
Colorful Diamond


Ethics & Sourcing

Colorful Diamond
Colorful Diamond


I obtain all my crystals from a vendor that has 30 years of experience with crystals. Before choosing them as my vendor, I made sure to ask them about ethical sourcing. 

All their crystals are obtained with ethical sourcing in mind, and they are constantly working on improving their international trade and working on better being able to ensure that their stock is ethically sourced through tracking. 


Bear in mind, most crystals have passed hands multiple times, and it is increasingly difficult to ensure that you are getting 'clean' crystals unless you go all the way to the source, which might currently be difficult depending on the country of origin.

For the utmost ethical approach to crystals, I highly recommend local sourcing either by foraging for them yourself or by going to a local vendor that directly obtains the crystals. 

That being said, it is my personal goal - and that of my vendor - to constantly work and strive towards a more ethical market. In supporting me, you also support my vendor and their process. You also support a small business owner that is BIPOC and LGBTQIA+.


I also fully plan to begin adding locally sourced crystals (foraged by yours truly) to my stock as soon as possible!


All wood used in my crafts are ethically and locally sourced by me, Saga, personally. It is taken from naturally fallen branches. In the cases where wood was gathered from living trees, it was out of necessity (such as a trimming to help a tree's wellbeing), and spiritual as well as physical preparations and considerations were used in retrieving the tree. I consider trees living and sentient Beings, and act accordingly!

As such, I never make any promises about consistency in my handcrafted items; the type of wood may vary from product to product depending on what wood I have ethically available for my handcraft. For me, this is a matter of common decency and ethical thinking, and I see this as a feature, not a flaw, in my handcrafted items!

Herbs & Plants

All plants, unless otherwise noted, that are used in any products or in any of my services are organic and/or ecological, and mindfully chosen from as close-to-home and local a source as I can find, or even sourced and gathered by me personally.

Recycled Materials & Other

I use as much recycled material or eco-friendly/conscious choice as I can in packaging and other pieces of material used in my craft.

Sustainable living is not just a very important thing for us to be aware of during these times, for the sake of ourselves and Mother Earth, but also a given for any animist or pagan (in my opinion).

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