Things You Need to Know

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Readings 101

Types of Readings

General reading: Any messages coming through, either through intuition, cards or both. This is usually advice for the present or near future.
Specific area or questions: This can be a question of your choice, or an area of life, such as love, career, spiritual, or other. This is usually insight and advice for the present or near future.
Divination: A focus on the future and what is to come in the bigger picture.
Mediumship: Messages from dearly departed, ancestors or other entities.

Readings are fluid.

Please always consider that a reading is fluid and should be considered as guidance, and not set in stone.

While different psychics and intuitives might have different views on this, the way I see things is that the future can be changed. While there are some key events that can be seen as ordained fate, we always have free will to actively change what lies before us.

No 3rd Party Readings

This is an important ethical stance for me. I absolutely do not do third party readings.
A third party reading is when I read the intentions, thoughts or future of a person that has not directly given consent to the reading, unless it intermingles with your personal future.
For example, if you have a question about a relationship, I will only read your side of the relationship and your love-life. I will not read if your partner is cheating, but rather if I see that you will be cheated on.

This is based in consent and privacy rights as well as free will; I wouldn't like being read without my consent, and so I extend the same courtesy to others.

Topics To Avoid Or Reconsider

I will not read:

  • Specific dates; I work in estimates for ethical reasons.

  • Deaths (dates, causes).

  • Serious health issues; while I provide health readings, if you suspect serious health issues, seek a professional!

  • Third party readings.

I ask you to reconsider these themes, but will assist you under certain circumstances:

  • Pregnancy and/or fertility.

  • Health issues, if it is not too serious and it is under professional treatment.

  • Really personal, life-changing questions where you might not want to hear negative responses. I give the truth as it is revealed to me, for better or worse.