About Me

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Hello sweetheart!

I am so excited that you are here! Let me introduce myself, so that you get a feeling of who I am, as you browse my little grove on the Internet.


My name is Nadia Lilith Bond, and I am a psychic intuitive. I am 34 years old, and I live in the beautifully wild north of Sweden, Scandinavia.

I have been aware of my gifts, or abilities, since childhood. I was always a very quiet child and I spent a lot of my life introspective.

Throughout life, I have gone through many challenges. My life was far from the easiest, and the first 27 or so years of my life were heavily themed by abuse and trauma. However, what kept me going was my connection to Nature and grounding/anchoring into the here and now. As such, I have also practiced mindfulness for most of my life.

I’m very open-minded when it comes to spiritual or religious beliefs. I have a BA and am thesis short for a MA in Religious Studies, with a focus on modern spirituality, identity and culture. I also have an Associate Degree in Archaeology, a BA in education (and a Cert.Ed.) and many years of academic studies in languages, social studies, ecology and other topics.  

I'm a RYT500 with a focus on wellness (meditation, restorative, Yoga Nidra), certified Reiki Master and certified card reader. If you wish to see any reviews in regards to the services I offer, please feel free to drop by my Facebook page, Instagram, or reach out as a lot of my reviews also can be found in a private group where I do weekly readings.

I’ve studied Druidry with Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids up to highest level, and have also studied other spiritual paths. However, if I had to classify myself, I’d call myself a pagan by faith, Hindu by philosophy and witch by practice. However, I am an omnist by heart, meaning I believe there is validity and truth to all religious and spiritual views – it’s all different paths up the same mountain, at the end of the day. The studies themselves are also more for personal growth – I truly believe we all carry the knowledge and experiences within ourselves to find our way.


I’m very focused on growth and healing, and I believe that we elevate ourselves when we elevate others! I’ve dedicated my life to spread this very healing and growth mindset, be it through working as a teacher, being active in the national Environmental Party, union or charities, or otherwise.


I also love anything creative - from drawing to gaming and writing. I've had art published in a book, put on a car for a non-profit organization, I've written a column for a year and I've even designed for a fashion show. Now, I am bringing my art online as well, and I am taking commissions for fantasy or intuitive art.


Thank you for being here. I am very grateful for you, and don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything on your mind. And remember:  anything is possible - never limit yourself with self-constructed boundaries.