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About Me

My name is Saga, and I am the person behind Wild Moon Lilith!

I am a 35 year old woman living in the wilderness of Northern Sweden, together with my husband and our two cat companions. I'm born and raised here in Sweden, but I am also mixed. My father immigrated from Sweden from North Africa, and so I am equal parts Scandinavian with ancient roots on my mother's side, and equal parts Imazighen (aka "Berber" - an North African indigenous people). But, inevitably, we are all the same in Spirit.

I am a lifelong practitioner of divination and magic. I was born with certain 'gifts', in lack of a better word, and raised into the Old Ways. I identify as a Völva (a Norse practitioner of Sejd / magic), or a witch, specifically within the realm of the Old Norse faith. Aspects of my practice include what we in modern terminology may refer to as "shamanic" practices, Deity and Spirit work, energy work, and divination, among many other things.

I'm a Norse pagan - also known as a heathen - that is specifically devoted and oath-sworn 

to the Deity Loki. But, I also respect and honour traditions outside of the Old Norse way.

I am an omnist, so I do believe there is a core of truth to all world-views, practices, and

philosophies. I just happen to walk my path because it mine, not because it is any more

valid than other paths. Also, I work in such a way when providing services for others that 

you do not have to share my world-views to book in any services with me!

I am devoted to my registered business Wild Moon Lilith full time. When I am not working on booked readings, spells, or Reiki, you can find me crafting for my shop, infusing pendants, or creating content for social media so that I can share my practice with others for free. 

I am also very dedicated to my personal practice, and constantly seeking to learn more and go deeper; I am a thesis short of a Master's Degree in Religious Science (as we call it here), and I have an Associate's Degree in Archaeology, and a Bachelor's Degree in teaching, and thus also am a licensed teacher in multiple subjects. I have further credentials, such as having completed 500-hour yoga training (I am certified; CYT500), being a certified Reiki Master, and many other things. But what I truly offer you are not papers with verifications or certifications (they're just papers, after all), but rather lifelong experience, in-depth knowledge, love, and respect of Spirit, magic, and my practice. 

Feel free to find me on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok to get to know me even more, and to get some free witchy, pagan, and spiritual content!

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