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Starry Sky

About Me

My name is Saga, and I am the person behind Wild Moon Lilith!

I am a 37 year old non-binary person living in the wilderness of Northern Sweden, together with my husband and our two cat companions. I'm born and raised here in Sweden, but I am also indigenous (Amazigh). As such, I carry two traditions with me, and I honour both in my practice.

I am a lifelong Spirit worker and practitioner of magic and divination. I was born with the cunning and sight, and raised into the Old Ways... or as some may phrase it: I was born as a psychic medium and was raised with folk practices and spirituality. 

I walk the path of a Spirit worker, or in commonly understood terminology - 'shaman'. I am Druid with OBOD, and also mentor there. I also identify as a Völva (a Norse practitioner of Sejd / magic).

I'm an animist and a Norse pagan that is specifically devoted and oath-sworn to the Deity Loki. But, I also respect and honour traditions outside of the Old Norse ways. I am also an

omnist, so I do believe there is a core of truth to all world-views, practices, and

philosophies. As such, I work in ways that means that you do not have to share my

world-views to book in any services with me!

I believe in growth and knowledge as power. I am currently studying for my 2-year Master's Degree in Religious Science (as we call it here). I have an Associate's Degree in Archaeology, a Bachelor's Degree in Religious Science, another Bachelor's in Education, and have an official Swedish teacher's license for multiple subjects. I have further credentials, such as having completed 500-hour yoga training certification (CYT500), being a certified Reiki Master, and many other things.


But what I truly offer you are not papers with verifications or certifications, but rather lifelong experience, in-depth knowledge, love, and respect of Spirit, magic, and my practice. My main teacher is, and will always be, Spirit.

Feel free to find me on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok to get to know me even more, and to get some free witchy, pagan, and spiritual content!

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