Northern Lights


★ Guidance from Beyond ★

A reading is when you receive a message from the Universe, your Guides, Deities, or other Beings out there regarding a current situation or a possible future outcome/event. I use cards or other divination tools, as well as my intuition and connection to Spirit. 

All my readings are done in writing, and usually are done within 7 days, often even sooner (depending on a few factors). See below for my offers!

You can book and pay directly through my shop, or by contacting me through the form further down on this page, or even through social media to receive a manual invoice!

A reading led by my intuition, where I allow any message to come through without directing the reading - the Universe takes charge here, so no questions or topics, just an act of receiving whatever is meant to be received. This reading usually contains multiple card draws.
Very in-depth and detailed (can get as long as 9 pages)!