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★ Guidance from Beyond ★

A reading is when you receive a message from the Universe, your Guides, Deities, or other Beings out there regarding a current situation or a possible future outcome/event. These can be done in many ways. My expertise is runes, cards, and intuition/clairs. However, I do not offer rune readings at this time, only readings using cards and my abilities. See below for different types of readings!

All my readings are done in writing, and take between 2 - 7 days depending on how many bookings I currently have and what reading type you want.

Card Draw (1-3)

A quick card-draw of either 1 or 3 cards, for brief guidance. 

Can ask a question, or relate to a topic/situation. Single deck used.

Usually 1 - 2 pages long.

1 card = 20SEK (approx. $2.33 ∙ £1.7 ∙ €2)

3 cards = 50 SEK (approx. $5.8 ∙ £4.3 ∙ €5)

Prices excl. VAT; 25% VAT applies within EU.

Life Reading

The same as an intuitive reading, but covering multiple areas of life, such as love, career, and spiritual.

Usually 9 - 13 pages long.

350SEK (approx. $40.8 ∙ £30.2 ∙ €35.4)

Prices excl. VAT; 25% VAT applies within EU.


Pre-defined questions in the following topics: Love, Career, or Spiritual. Gives a good oversight of an area of life. Single deck used.

Usually 1 - 3 pages long.

100SEK (approx. $11.7 ∙ £8.6 ∙ €10.1)

Prices excl. VAT; 25% VAT applies within EU.


I will commune with a specific dearly departed for you, bringing forth messages both through mediumship and through the use of cards. Alternatively, I can also open up to any spirit surrounding you and allow any message to come through.

Length varies. Usually 5 - 8 pages long.

200SEK (approx. $23.4 ∙ £17.3 ∙ €20.2)

Prices excl. VAT; 25% VAT applies within EU.

Intuitive Reading

A reading led by my intuition, containing multiple draws from all decks I feel drawn to. Very in-depth and detailed! You can ask questions, or just ask about a topic / for a general reading.

Usually up to 9 pages long.

250SEK (approx. $29.2 ∙ £21.5 ∙ €25.3)

Prices excl. VAT; 25% VAT applies within EU.

Curse Check

In this reading, I check to see if there is a jinx, curse or hex on you, or to see if some other negative energy or entity is affecting you. This reading does not include a clearing or uncrossing (removal) - that is a separate service!

200SEK (approx. $23.4 ∙ £17.3 ∙ €20.2)

Prices excl. VAT; 25% VAT applies within EU.

As for the cards, I use Oracle and Tarot cards. My most popular and in-depth method of reading is quite untraditional, and does not rely on spreads or even questions to give the guidance required. All I require is a photo, and a topic (it can even be "general"). I also perform mediumship readings where I commune with the dearly departed. I am very in-depth compared to your average reading, and I am very accurate; I've not had an unhappy client yet! But, don't take my word for it. Check out my Facebook page to see some reviews. I also have 100+ reviews in a private group with 21k+ members where I am one of the approved readers.

I offer a variety of options, so why not test one of my affordable readings yourself and see what it is all about? ♡

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