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I offer a subscription-like service over on Patreon, for those that wish to join my community, support me more directly, and have ongoing access to some exclusive content and information, monthly readings, and a more personal, regular contact with me. Consider this a form of membership! See below for the tiers and offers, or go directly to my Patreon here!



This is my Supporter tier, for those who simply wish to support me in all that I do and get access to my Patreon community! 

Monthly Gratitude Ritual - A Thanks For Your Support: Every month, I will sit down and perform a gratitude ritual, where I will send positive energy and well-wishes to all supporters.

Astrological Updates: Major astrological shifts will be posted about, with a short tidbit about what it may mean for you, or some advice (never miss a Mercury Retrograde again!).

Discount Code: All Patreons receive a 15% discount code for my store, covering both my services and items. The code will change each month and is only valid for that month.


This is my Member tier, where you not just support me, but you also get a chance to receive free readings, as well as monthly messages for the collective. 

Weekly Reading Thread: You will get access to weekly posts where supporters can comment to be eligible to be picked for a free mini reading. I will pick those I feel called to, but there will be a new one weekly!

"Message for the Collective": At least once a month, I will post a message from the Universe for the collective (more if I feel called to do so).
This usually connects messages such as energetic shifts, the flow of the collective journey, as well as some more personalized messages here and there for those that feel it resonates. Consider it like a monthly horoscope or check-in, written through communication with Spirit.

You also get all the benefits of the previous tier!


This tier is for my Regulars, who will receive a chance at winning a private reading each month as well as an exclusive meditation each month (made by yours truly), on top of the chance for free mini-readings each week and energetic and astrological updates of the previous tiers. 

Chance at Winning a Free Reading: Each month, every regular gets entered into a draw to win a free reading, based on what I feel called to do, at a minimum of one reading per month (sometimes more, depending on energy and directions from the Universe).
I will announce what the free reading is at least once a month, and then draw names from my regulars to see who and how many wins it. 

Exclusive Meditation: You will get access to exclusive meditation recordings once month, that you cannot find anywhere else. I script all my meditations myself, utilizing psychology, intuition, and my training as a RYT500 (Registered Yoga Trainer, 500 hrs).

You also get all the benefits of the previous tiers!


This is my Confidant tier, which is like having an "on-call psychic advisor". I'll be available to you - within reason - to give my intuitive advice and guidance on a more regular basis, on top of all the benefits of prior tiers!

Personal Guidance: I will be available to you through direct messages here or through my Facebook page, to provide more personalized guidance, free of charge - within reason, of course.
Please note that this does not guarantee that you will get free readings from me, but rather, you will get my intuitive advice, spiritual guidance, opinions based on my experience, things I feel called to tell you, and all those sort of things! See me like your "on-call psychic advisor"!

Monthly Rune: At the start of each month, I will open post where you can comment to get your rune for the month drawn. This rune will give an insight into a theme for the rest of the month.

Request Video Topic: You get to suggest video topics added to my list of videos to make (within reason), and when I make the video topic you suggest you will get a personal mention in inspiring the video!

You also get all the benefits of the previous tiers!