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★ Reading the Stars ★


Astrology is the practice to read the positions of the constellations and planets across the heavens, both at the time of our birth (natal chart) and at any given time. 

I offer a birth chart, or natal chart, reading. This type of reading consists of me looking at your birth chart and explaining what I see. This can be used for a greater understanding of the self, or all those processes that happen within us. This can be a very entertaining experience, or even a part of a deeper journey of self-discovery and healing. 

At the time being, I only offer the reading of a birth chart, and only of the person inquiring. I am not offering compatibility readings, nor future predictions.

It is done in writing, and the delivery time will vary. Because this can be a pretty extensive delve into your chart, and will vary from client to client, I cannot promise a certain delivery time up front. To be sure you won't feel disappointed, consider that this sort of reading may take 2 - 4 weeks to complete. 

If you want yours done within a specific time or before a certain date, make sure you contact me first to find out how I may be doing in terms of schedule and current wait time.

The cost is 1000 SEK ($96.89 ∙ £77.63  €87.70) (excl. VAT).

To find out more, you are welcome to Contact Me with any question, or go straight to my shop to book in your Birth Chart Reading right now ♡

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