Spiritual Awakening

A New Perspective

2020 has been a big year for many people, and a lot of people have started going through their spiritual awakenings during this time. There are many factors for this, but two big reasons can be considered the realignment with our values when faced with a global crisis, as well as the enforced hermitage a lot of people have experienced.

There is, indeed, a reason for why a lot of sages, ascended masters and spiritually awakened beings throughout history have sought out the life of a hermit - it is in the quiet stillness that you are forced to look within, and through introspection you will reconnect with your innate connection to the Universe.

However, while spiritual awakening is a wonderful journey that will give you amazing experiences throughout life, it is not necessarily a simple one. At first, awakening can feel very wonderful as you reconnect with your Higher Self in a different way, and strengthen your connection to the Universe. But, depending on how deep you decide to go into your spiritual journey, or depending on what awakens within you during this time, this awakening can be very tumultuous and even painful at times. Often a shift in your perspective is followed by a desire to realign your life with your innermost calling - this can be easy, or it can be an entire breaking down of everything you've built up and know. It all depends on how unaligned you are with your inner calling by the time you awaken.

Commonly, alongside our awakening, we also reconnect with certain gifts or abilities that we have. We become more in touch with our intuition, and depending on the person, we may discover - or, rather, realize - that we are empaths and might have some clairs... or all of the above! 

The awakening might also spark a lot of so called "shadow work", meaning work with your own inner shadow - these are all the things you have repressed over your lifetime, old wounds and traumas, or even programming and interjected opinions and values that are not your own. Working through this can be very raw, as you delve into some very emotional or conflicting emotions, memories or opinions. In a sense, a spiritual awakening is a tearing down, and rebuilding, of yourself in better alignment of who you truly are without wounds, trauma, social programming and outside opinions of what you "should" be and do. In turn, sometimes we will experience regret and guilt for not doing this sooner... but rest assured, everything is as it should be, and the timing is divinely/spiritually guided.

Some advice:

  • Be Gentle & Loving - to both yourself and others. Self-love and compassion/empathy is part of the spiritual journey. Love and light in its true sentiment.

  • Don't Forget The Dark - it's okay to not be okay, and it's okay to stumble, work through darker stuff, and just be raw and human. Love and light needs to be balanced with a tending to the shadows, too.

  • You Chose To Be Human - often we get so caught up in our reignited connection to the Universe that we get stricken by a sense of homesickness, and want to spend every moment connected. While this is the path for some, don't forget that you are a Spirit that chose a Human Experience. The human experience has lessons and experiences for you, too... otherwise, you'd still be in Spirit.

  • There Are Many Paths Up The Mountain - be open. Your vocabulary and truths does not have to align with other spiritual practitioners. We're all one, yes, but we all resonate with different things. One person might be religious and believe in One God, another might believe in multiple, and a third might not believe in Divine at all. All are correct - all are their truths. We are meant to have different experiences and opinions - learn from it, or, if it doesn't serve you, leave it be.

If you are struggling a bit, or feel that there is some guidance that you need on this journey, I welcome you to reach out to me. You can read more about me in the "Who Am I?" section, or just reach out over email. I welcome you.

Enjoy your journey, Dear One.