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Manifestation and Energy Manipulation

Spellcraft, or witchcraft, is an alternate way to express "manifested will". 

There are many different ways to work with spells and witchcraft, which likely vary as much as there are practitioners. While there are usually some common views on certain elements of spellcrafting, there is nothing stating clearly what is right and what is wrong for each practitioner. Because spells are a way to work with the powers and energies of the Universe, as well as expressing one's own will and making it manifest, it's always more effective to go with one's own intuition rather than trying to mimic a certain style.

That being said, spellcrafting can get very complex. We are working with the energies that flow through the Universe, and so there are no such things as a "simple" spell - all spells have consequences, and you are ultimately responsible for the spells you put into the Universe. Therefore it is not recommended to dive into spellcrafting or witchcraft without an understanding, or at least firmly established personal view and relationship with the Universe. While your view on the Universe is as valid as the next person's, it is vital that you are firm in your beliefs and exhibit no doubt or fear. 

Spells can be used for many different purposes, however I do not believe they should be taken lightly. Always consider that you are responsible for the spell, and so any consequence is yours to bear from a karmic perspective. As such, I personally only offer spells of a protective, warding, self-improvement or manifesting nature. Scroll down for more info about what I offer, or reach out to me with any questions or inquiries you might have.

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