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★ Ancient Symbols of Power ★

Runes are an alphabet of old, but more than that, they are also powerful symbols not only used for divination, but also for magic. I now offer my work with the runes to the public - this has previously been a very personal practice for me, but I feel called to share it now. I work with the Elder Furthark for these services.

All my rune services are usually done within 7 days after payment, depending on various factors.

You can book and pay directly through my shop, or by contacting me through the form further down on this page, or even through social media to receive a manual invoice!

A reading done with runes, either for insight into the current situation, or a glance into the near future based on current circumstance.

I will draw runes, or use my rune casting cloth, depending on the situation and question.

60SEK (approx. $6.45 ∙ £4.73 ∙ €5.7)

Prices excl. VAT; 25% VAT applies within EU.

Bindrunes are runes "bound together" into a line, carrying a form of energy or magic of their own. 

You will receive a sketch of a bindrune for the affirmation or intention you have (within reason), that you can then draw or carve into your own physical items.

150SEK (approx. $16.1 ∙ £11.84 ∙ €14.2)

Prices excl. VAT; 25% VAT applies within EU.

A galdrastav, or galdrastafir, is more like a sigil. While a bindrune is more directly using the runes energy and power tied together, a galdrastav is a bit more of an artistic interpretation with more intuition and energy infused into it beyond the runes themselves. 

You will receive a sketch of a galdrastav for your name, or affirmation/intention you have (within reason), that you then can re-draw yourself or carve into any physical item.

200SEK (approx. $21.5 ∙ £15.8 ∙ €18.9)

Prices excl. VAT; 25% VAT applies within EU.

For the bindrunes and galdrastav, make sure you check out my policies and contact me before booking it in, just to make sure I can meet your demand without crossing any boundaries ♡


To book yours immediately visit my store, or fill in the form below for some direct consultation to see what may be the right option for you, and if I offer what you seek!


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