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Energy Healing

I am a certified Reiki Master in Usui Reiki. Reiki, also known as energy healing, is an alternative treatment for healing and well-being.

While Reiki has had a bit of a rocky past, it is becoming more widely accepted and studies point at Reiki being beneficial to the receiver as it promotes relaxation in the body and mind - and we know that for us to be healthy and happy, our mind and body have to be relaxed. Our mental well-being is explicitly tied to our physical health, and vice versa.

Because the idea of Reiki operates on the concept of energy healing it can be done both in person and through distance. It is not the Reiki practitioner that is "healing you", they are acting as a channel for the idea of a universal energy to promote natural healing.


If you are receiving a distance session, it is recommended that you, as the receiver, find a place to rest and relax during the session.

Receiving Reiki is different for everyone and every time; sometimes you might feel heat, tingling, pulsing or similar sensations, and other times you might not feel it at all. However, be assured that Reiki works; sometimes the results might take a while to manifest. You don't necessarily have to believe in a universal energy for Reiki to work, but rather embrace that it - just like meditation - is a step towards inner peace and well-being. 

Curious, or feel like this is something you need? 

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Sessions start at 500SEK (approx. $58/£42). Payment through PayPal. Read more here.


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