See below for prices for my services. You can also buy these services directly in my shop!

Prices are listed in Swedish kronor; for an up-to-date currency conversion, please click here. However, a good rough estimate is that 10SEK = $1.16 / £0.85 / €1. 

Payment options include PayPal and credit card. 

VAT not included in the prices below; where applicable VAT will be added to the final cost.



1-card draw: 20SEK

3-card draw: 50SEK

Love Spread: 100SEK

Career Spread: 100SEK

Health Spread: 100SEK

Spirit Guide Spread: 100SEK

Intuitive Reading: 250SEK

Life Reading: 350SEK

Curse* Insight: 200SEK

Mediumship: 200SEK

Unlisted topics/other: Inquire!

Delivery Time 

Delivery time varies depending on how many are booked in at the moment. Most readings are delivered within 2 days after payment, but some require more time. You will be given the information as you book your reading.


The readings are done in writing, and the intuitive, and more-indepth ones, can be up towards 9 pages long (sometimes even more)! The reading will always be as long as I feel is required for your message.

* A curse insight reading is a check-in to see if, and how, you may have some curse, jinx, hex, or otherwise negative entity or energy attached to you. It does not cover a clearing!



Typical Spell*: 150SEK

Uncrossing/Curse breaking/Clearing: 300SEK

Protection: 200SEK

Custom Spell**: 300SEK

Delivery Time

Most spells get carried out within a week after payment, however you will get more specific details when you send in your inquiry.


You will get photos of the spell if applicable. You will also receive an 'after-care document' that will give you some info about how the spell went, and any advice for you to help you reap the most benefits of the spell after the fact.

Spells can be done from a distance - if anything is required, such as a name or photo, I will let you know in your price quote. You will not be required to do anything except for in some specific cases such as a house clearing, in which case you might be required to do something on your end to anchor the spell, such as lay out some salt or clear the house with smoke (e.g. incense). 

* Typical spells include your "everyday" luck, career, love, and health ones. Please note that love spells are general and not aimed at a specific person of your desire - they focus on attracting love overall, for ethical reasons!

** If you want to combine different effects or have something specific written out as a spell, I can create a custom one for you. 



Full sessions start at 500SEK, but there are cheaper, shorter options. Prices vary depending on needs and requests.

Delivery Time

Sessions vary in length, but a typical full-length Reiki session lasts for about 45 minutes.

Set time according to agreement when booking.