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MindFALL Challenge (#mindfulshakti)

Hello lovelies,

I haven't updated in a while and that's because life has been quite full of excitement and change.

I've also been working on a gift for you, darlings. Something close to my heart: mindfulness, neatly packaged as a 10-day experience.

If you have Instagram, I recommend that you head on over to my account @shaktibond and tune in, as I will be mainly hosting it over there. There's the added bonus of joining a community on this journey too, using the hashtag (#mindfulshakti),

You can also check out the picture below to see the theme of each day, and tune in to my video for Day 1! Each day will have a little message or video; we'll be doing this day by day so it will maintain an element of surprise and also to stay in the moment 😉

I hope to see you on this journey together with me!


Day 1 Message:

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