Crystal Care

General Guidelines for How To Care for Your Crystal

Always be mindful of how you care for your crystals. Some crystals are not suitable for water, and others can fade or otherwise be affected by sunlight.



I would generally advice against putting your crystals in water, just to be on the safe side. While some can handle it just fine, others can erode or even cause a chemical reaction. A rule of thumb is that most crystals ending in -ite cannot go in water, but always make sure to research the properties of each crystal to be sure.

Instead of cleaning your stone with water, consider wiping it off if you want to physically clean it. Otherwise you might want to opt for an energetic cleansing instead. 

Before cleansing your stone (unless it is infused), make sure you check the appropriate way to cleanse it. It can vary from leaving it out during full moon, putting it in a pile of salt, or even smoke cleansing it. You can also choose to sleep with a crystal under your pillow at night to imprint it with your energy (though be mindful not to do this with brittle ones).


Some crystals can fade in the sunlight, such as fluorites. Be mindful not to leave them out on a windowsill and if you intend to sunbathe or be outside in the bright sun, consider putting your pendant underneath your shirt (if wearing one) or putting it near you in a bag to protect it from the direct sun.

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