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Starry Sky

About Me

My name is Saga, and I am the person behind Wild Moon Lilith!

I am a 37 year old non-binary person living in the wilderness of Northern Sweden, together with my husband and our two cat companions. I'm born and raised here in Sweden, but I am also indigenous (Amazigh). Both of these cultures inspire me immensely in the art I create. 

I belong to the rainbow family as a proud LGBTQIA+ member, and I am also an environmentalist. With other words, I have an activist nature, and believe in the importance of fighting for the right to live in freedom, love, and joy. In fact, I believe in full expression of the self. Be loud, be proud, and be colourful! Or, if it is more your style, then be dark, broody, and mysterious. Why not both? I know I embody both!

I'm an animist and pagan, and spirituality is a big portion of my life and influences a lot of what I do, such as with intuitive painting or Fusion Dance. However, I am also quite

academically inclined as well. I am currently studying for my 2-year

Master's Degree in Religious Science (as we call it here).

I have an Associate's Degree in Archaeology, a Bachelor's Degree in

Religious Science, another Bachelor's in Education, and have an official

Swedish teacher's license for multiple subjects. I have further credentials, such as being a certified Elemental Fusion Dancer and having completed 500-hour yoga training certification (CYT500).


Other than creative expression, spirituality, and education, I love spending time in nature, with animals, or even just gaming on the PC or tabletop. I love watching movies and listening to music, but please don't ask me what my favourite is because I'll have no idea. 

I believe in being lighthearted in life and enjoy the journey, but I've also lived through quite a few challenges and have spent a lot of time and dedication on healing. What heals better than art?

Picture of Saga of Wild Moon Lilith

©2020-2024 by Wild Moon Lilith (Saga N. L. Bond).

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